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Book Reading & Signing Event

Angelico's Lake House, on Lake Pocotopaug in East Hampton, CT

Dec. 12, 2010

Welcoming people at the door.

"Welcome everyone. Iím Jonathan Westbrook, author of A Legend in Time. Iíve heard that writers donít always make the best speakers and now I know why, because Iím at a loss for words, other than ďwow!Ē This is a quite turn out! Thank you all for coming!"

Once the room was full, Paul introduced me.

"Letís give a big hand to Paul, here at Angelicoís, for hosting, and for his generous 10% donation from this event to the Friends of Lake Pocotopaug to help keep its waters clean.

And to Irene Young, my 'personal promoter.'"

My time travel joke went over well.

"I have two announcements before we get started:

First, Iíll be reading from my novel, and then we can have some Q&A, followed by my signing your books if you would like. For anyone that doesnít have A Legend in Time, you may purchase a copy from my lovely wife, Jeannine, and I too will donate 10% of the proceeds to the friends of the lake.

Second, if anyone is interested in having a separate discussion about time travel, there will be another meeting right here in this very room Ö last Sunday. Iím kidding. Letís see a show of hands from everyone that has already read A Legend in Time. Please take a look around and Iíll ask you not to spoil the ending for those without their hands up."

Nikki O'Neil, VP of the Friends of Lake Pocotopaug and wife to the late CT Gov. Bill O'Neil.

"Okay, letís get started. For those of you not in the know, legend has it that the princess of Lake Pocotopaug sacrificed herself in order to save her tribe, which prompted me to ask, why did she have to die in such an awful way? What if I could travel back in time to find out? And taking it one step further, what if I were the cause of her demise? From those questions and more this novel emerged and the world of James Sutherland was born."

A delicious brunch was served during the event.

"Today, I would like to focus my reading on the relationship between the princess and James. If anyone wishes to follow along, Iíll be starting on page 65, after James has discovered he has the ability to travel in time in the form of a watch from the future. But what happens to him when he accidently loses the watch during his second tripóto this very lake, but back in 1625óand he canít return home?"

Gratefully signing.

"Keeping with the time travel theme, letís fast forward to page 93, where Jim becomes a part of the Wangunk tribe."

The Lamentation Mountain Ladies Art & Literary Club.

"After a couple of months, the tribe becomes fraught with war, multiple drownings, and disease, and they have sought salvation from their Great Spirit and their medicine man, the powwaw. Letís turn to page 178."

My family.

"For those who have not read A Legend in Time, this is not the end for James, but only the beginning.

And for a special treat, if you would like, I brought with me a sneak preview of Book 2 called Onboard the Marauder. Would you like to hear it?"

A memory to last a lifetime.

"And now I would like to open up the room for questions."

Get your copy today. Order here.

"Thank you all very much for coming. Youíve been great. Have a safe and happy holiday season! Thank you."

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