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A Legend in Time by Jonathan Westbrook
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Eat My Shorts reviews:

Good science fiction and much, much more
Eat My Shorts is a collection of short and flash fiction stories that include horror, fantasy, science fiction, and more. The stories are well written and some are thought provoking as the author explores the length and breath of the human experience. Good stuff.
~Amazon reader (Feb 5, 2014)

Onboard the Marauder reviews:

Marauder Review
This is the second of a series that encompasses a little Si-fi time travel (not overwhelming) with actual historical intrigue. Very well written.
~Amazon reader (Aug 8, 2012)

Very enjoyable!
I read and enjoyed the first in the James Sutherland series. But, "Onboard the Marauder" (the second in the series) is even better. It's a time travel adventure that holds the readers attention throughout. There's sci-fi, historic novel, and adventure rolled into one. Thanks, Jonathan Westbrook.
~Barnes & Noble reader (Dec 9, 2011)

Onboard the Marauder
Thoroughly enjoyed this book! It's an exciting, swashbuckling, "How is Jim going to get out of this one?" kind of book with CT history woven in. This should be on every Connecticut middle & high school English teacher's syllabus. It's a great read for all ages.
~Amazon reader (Nov 1, 2011)

Great Job
Very good second effort - I enjoyed all the CT history - great story as well - keep em coming!
~Amazon reader (Oct 29, 2011)

Another Great One
The book captured my interest right from the start and I enjoyed it through until the end. I enjoyed the story as well as learning about the backround of some of the locations and subjects covered in the book. There were some great surprises along the way and I think you can read it simply for fun or can also really take it deeper and start to consider if time travel will ever be possible and if so, what all of the implications might be! Time travel opens up the possibility of many more adventures for James Sutherland and I look forward to hopefully seeing many more books by the author. I am ready for book three of the James Sutherland Chronicles!
~Amazon reader (Sept 5, 2011)

Surpasses Expectations
It is rare that the second novel in a series not only lives up to but surpasses expectations! This new adventure has the time traveling hero on a quest to rescue a very important ancestor, taking us on an action packed ride aboard a pirate ship. Like "A Legend in Time" this novel reads like a screenplay but this time the reader is given more to think about. There are passages of mind-boggling time alteration that can be difficult to wrap your head around, but in a good way - a way that gets you really thinking about how time travel could actually work. The conclusion of this story certainly sets us up for a least one more adventure with James Sutherland and I am hoping to be able to read it sooner rather than later. Oh, and pirates are awesome, so...!
~Amazon reader (Aug 22, 2011)

A sequel that's better than the first!
I loved the first book in the James Sutherland series (A Legend In Time) so I was anxiously awaiting this release of Book 2. And as I expected, it didn't disappoint! What we got this time, in addition to the exciting world of time travel, was a glimpse into the life of pirates. Finding out more about how time can be altered was also interesting, making me wonder, why hasn't time travel been perfected yet?! I recommend this book (and Book 1) to anyone who likes to read about time travel, suspense, love (yes, both men and women will enjoy the books!), treachery and betrayal!
~Amazon reader (Aug 22, 2011)

A Legend in Time reviews:

A Very Interesting Read
This first book by Jonathan Westbrook is an excellent read. It is well written and very interesting. The story of time traveler Jim Sutherland and his first couple of trips back in time is very compelling. Filled with action and a great plot, it was very hard to put this book down. I cannot wait to read his next adventure.
~Nook reader (Oct 20, 2012)

A Legend in Time Review
While I was a little hesitant about reading a Si-fi book, the author did an excellent job of combining science fiction with interesting Connecticut historical folklore. This was easy to read and fully captured my attention.
~Amazon reader (Aug 8, 2012)

It Could Happen!
This was a very enjoyable book. Even before I had finished, I was hoping the next book in the series would be out soon. The book was thoroughly engaging and, although it involves time travel, was written in a way that made that aspect believable instead of "way out there."
~Amazon reader (Dec 31, 2011)

Action, Romance and Time Travel!
I couldn't put this book down until I was finished! How the author combines time travel with a great adventure/love story was amazing. It is good for all types of readers!!
~Nook reader (June 24, 2011)

Book One.
I enjoyed the book. I felt as if I were actually there while I was reading it and I also learned a bit about history while being entertained. There were also a few cool surprises which made it an interesting read. I think book one lays the groundwork for many more interesting adventures in the future! I am looking forward to the next one!!
~Amazon reader (Nov 8, 2010)

Dinner and a clever read.
We, the Lamentation Mountain Folk Painting Ladies (now also book club) of Berlin, CT wanted to tell you how delighted we were with your book "A Legend in Time". We all agreed it was very entertaining, touching and informative. The references to the Colt building, the description of the protective dam and the fight over the sneakers were intriguing. The phenomenon at the grave site where James as an adult and as a child brush through the time dimensions was ingenious. Your ending was so clever and we look forward to the future adventures of James and the Indian Princess as well as the secret time travel conspirators.
We were so taken by the book, we dined at Angelico's Lake House on Pocotopaug. Paul, the owner, stopped by our table to chat because he knew we were there as a book club. We enthusiastically told him about your book, gave him your website & encouraged him to contact you to arrange a book signing. We would enjoy meeting you and maybe taking a quick time travel if you have your watch with you.
~Lamentation Mountain Folk Painting Ladies and Book Club (Oct 29, 2010)

Thanks Tom.
A buddy of mine wrote about A Legend in Time on his blog.
(Sept 6, 2010)

A great sci-fi, historical adventure.
I really enjoyed it. Very entertaining and well written. This would be a perfect book for literature classes. With all of the history trivia and a plot that has many different dynamics going on, there would be a lot for a student to write about and a lot to discuss in lectures.
~Amazon reader (Sept 3, 2010)

Great Story!
The beginning of this story was a little slow for me but after the first couple of chapters I really started to get into it. I did not expect from the description of the book for this to have a slight romantic theme. I can not wait for the next book to come out to see what happens next.
~Amazon reader (August 20, 2010)

Can't Wait for Book 2
I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. The author is a terrific story teller. Growing up in Connecticut, I knew many of the places the author described and found that I learned some things I didn't know about Connecticut history. I hope Mr. Westbrook is working on book 2 of the James Sutherland Chronicles. I am looking forward to it!
~Amazon reader (August 14, 2010)

I really enjoyed reading this book. Being familiar with Connecticut, I liked reading of it's history and that sparked my attention from the beginning. The time travel took me to a place that peaked my curiosity. I enjoyed learning about Indian history and Jon's attention to detail made me feel as if I was there. The romance blended in well to make the story complete. The book kept my interest from beginning to end. I can't wait for the next one to come out. I highly recommend this book!
~Amazon reader (August 13, 2010)

Local writer explores legend of Lake Pocotopaug in book.
"As far as time traveling is concerned, I'll let the readers decide if there's a coincidence between me and James Sutherland."
~Excerpt from Middletown Press (August 3, 2010)

Jonathan Westbrook at Lake Pocotopaug

Great summer reading.
Wonderful historical fiction. This book is great escapism. The author cleverly crafted a story based on a local legend which will be of particular interest to CT residents. This novel has aspects of fiction, fantasy, history and builds a foundation for a series of stories with relatable characters. I can't wait for the next one.
~Amazon reader (July 31, 2010)

Great Book!
This book is awesome. I found myself not wanting to put it down. Jonathan Westbrook had me feeling like I had traveled back into time and was apart of James Sutherland's travels. I loved the romance and adventure he wrote about. I highly recommend everyone buying a copy of this book.
~Amazon reader (July 24, 2010)

A Very Pleasant Surprise.
I stumbled across this little gem while searching for books on Native American legends and was very pleasantly surprised to find such an engaging story. The author took the legend of a Native American princess and built an altogether new, and quite interesting, tale around it. I am not usually a fan of stories involving time travel and action/adventure books are not my thing at all, but this book reads so much like a screenplay that I was immediately sucked in. Westbrook's hero begins as an average guy who, with a combination of good sense, physical strength, and passion, emerges as a legend in the making. The book is just long enough to complete an adventure but not bogged down with too many irrelevant details as so many novels in this genre seem to be. I very much enjoyed it and am ready for a sequel or two!
~Amazon reader (July 22, 2010)

Local author releases debut.
This is no ordinary time traveling yarn. "A Legend in Time" is loosely based on the legend of Lake Pocotopaug in nearby East Hampton. Westbrook has delivered an action-packed adventure.
~Excerpt from Journal Inquirer (July 16, 2010)

Definitely worth the buy - A fantastic Read!!
One thing that stood out for me in "A Legend in Time" is the ability to instantly be transported along with the main character and believe that you are standing exactly where he is. I really enjoyed reading this book and found that the combination of time travel, adventure and a love story really brought you to the brink and satisfied all my book-loving wants and needs. Too often does a book promise but not deliver, but with this novel, that is by no means the case. I thoroughly loved reading this book, cover to cover, and I bet any avid reader will as well.
~Amazon reader (July 6, 2010)

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